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Photo of the Month - Eye on Technology

Photo of the Month

This composite image was created by Bernie Hynes. It won a Yellow Ribbon in the FCCC 2014 2nd Triannual Advanced Creative Print Competition, scoring 16 points. Bernie's comments on this image construction follow.

Using Photoshop, I started with an image of my grandaughters eye and overlayed the lens image, sizing it to cover the pupil. Following that I covered the surrounding skin with images of hose clamps, gears and other hardware shot on a club field trip to Flywheelers. Then I added a solid brown colored layer, changed the blend mode to Multiply and reduced the opacity so that the hardware showed through and had a brown appearance. An image of a circuit board was then used to cover the white part of the eye. A yellow layer was applied with the blend mode set to multiply and the opacity reduced so as to impart a gold tone. Lastly an eye lash brush was used to create the lashes.



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