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Photo of the Month - End of Time

Photo of the Month

This image by Bernie Hynes is a composite of many different pictures. It received 19 points and a Blue Ribbon in the 2016 FCCC 1st Triannual Print Competiton Class A Creative.

The first layer establishes the place, in this case an image taken at Yellowstone National Park. Once that was in place I start adding my models. First my granddaughter who posed for me in a Halloween costume and the bishop who was an actor at the Sarasota Medieval Fair.

By adding them as separate transparent layers they could be moved around and scaled to produce a desirable composition. I then added a shot of a pocket watch and another of it's gears.

These were taken apart by selecting parts of the overall image (select > edit > copy) and pasting them back in on their own layers. With edit > transform they were rotated and positioned so as to simulate the coming apart effect.

Lastly I used several brushes to add effects such as smoke, lightning, bullet holes. My favorite source for such brushes is



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