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Photo of the Month - Bird of Prey

Photo of the Month

This image by Peter Korkosz was taken on June 2, 2014 near the Myakka River in Port Charlotte. It received 16 points and a Blue Ribbon in the 2016 FCCC 1st Triannual Digital Competiton Class A Color.

The camera was a Nikon D80, lens was a Nikon 70-300mm f4.5 set at a focal length of 300 mm, shutter speed was 1/350 sec, +2 EV, Aperture Priority, f/8 with ISO 400 and spot metering.

Photoshop was used for cropping, adjustment of levels and a layer mask was used to selectively adjust brightness and contrast levels. Topaz Labs Detail 3 filter was used for final sharpening.

I had seen Osprey flying by with fish in their beaks for weeks, but could never find where they landed to dine until this particular day. Luckily I was prepared and sat down with camera in hand within 50 feet of his munching. He stared at me intently for about 3 minutes, then went back to breakfast.



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