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Photo of the Month - Whale and Gull

Photo of the Month

This image by Resty Antonio was taken on October 9, 2015 off Cape Cod on a whale watching trip. It received 26 out of 30 points and won an Acceptance in the 2016 Glennie Nature Competition.

The camera was a Canon EOS 7D , lens was a Canon 50-200mm f3.5 set at a focal length of 100 mm, shutter speed was 1/2900 sec, -1 EV, AV mode, aperture was f/8 with ISO 800 and multi-segment metering.

Here is Resty's commentary on this shot:

We were on the big boat that carries about 200 people. The captain said, "when I say 3 o'clock you go there and you will see the whales". When he announced it, everyone went to the 3 o’clock position.

Luckily for me I thought "that's too crowded, I'm just going to stay here and I'm sure I'll see one over here too." A few seconds later, I saw one from a few yards away and started to focus my camera. While I was trying to do that, this big gigantic whale just showed up directly in front of me, so I started shooting as fast as possible before he went down again. I was in the right place at the right time.

There were only three of us where I stayed. The other two, a guy and a lady both them professional photographers, did not get the shot that I had. The lady had her own tag hanging on her neck that said Kathy’s Photography.

She asked me if she could look at what I had taken, so I showed her and she said OMG that is a very good shot. From that point on she tried to follow me where ever I went on the boat.

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