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Photo of the Month - Big Score

Photo of the Month


This image by Norm Collin was taken in Nov. 2016 and received First Place Honors at the 2016 Sarasota Medieval Fair Photo Contest.

Norm's comments are: This was taken during the 4th pass of the second jousting round of the day. I also took some shots during the first round but there wasn't much action as the jousters kept missing. I stationed myself just to the right of the Royal stand with the light over my left shoulder so I wasn't facing the sun. I took lots of shots of all the non action and finally after the fourth try at it they finally gave each other a pretty good jolt. What is not shown in this image is that the jouster closest to me did knock the other off his steed. Fortunately neither one was hurt. All in all, a fun two days at the fair.

Photo was taken with a Canon EOS 7D Mark II and a Canon 28-135 IS USM Lens at 28mm. Exposure of 1/2500, Aperture Priority, Exp Bias -1 EV, at F 8, ISO 400, hand held.



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