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Photo of the Month - Vroom Vroom

This image was created by Mitch Spence. The basic car photo was taken at a car show in Lake Ozark, Missouri in April 2011. It was captured with a Nikon D300, with an Nikon 18-200mm f3.5-5.6 lens set at a 26mm focal length. The camera settings were f/11 with ISO 400 with -.67 exposure in RAW format. Mitch has kindly provided these additional details: I first extracted the car from its background. The background for the radial blur is something I'd fooled with, using in-camera movement, on a shot of trees and water. I used the radial blur on the background in Photoshop, as Tom Hughes showed us in his tutorial. Then I changed the hues and colors in it from blues and greens to orange/yellows and greens, probably using NIK Viviza to do that (although I don't remember exactly). I established the frame of the radial blur background with a stroke around it, then the larger solid background with stroke around it and then inserted the car. I will say that much had to be cleaned up and fiddled with on the car.



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