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Photo of the Month - Grasshopper

Photo of the Month


This image by Kathy Buckard was taken in the Summer of 2016 at Thuya Gardens, Northeast Harbor on Mount Desert Island Maine. It received 14 points (out of 15 points max) and was awarded an Honorable Mention in the 1st round of the 2016-17 PSA Class A Nature Interclub Competition.

Kathy's comments are: We tried to escape the heat by traveling north and went as far as Maine this summer. This garden was a real gem with many varieties of flowers, hummingbirds, insects and frogs. It was a lovely spot hidden up in the mountains of Arcadia National Park. We went back at least three different times during our visit.

I use a Nikon D-300S camera with a Micro-Nikkor 105 F2.8 lens. My ISO was set at 200, speed @ 1/250 with a f/10 aperture. That day I kept changing lenses because the hummingbirds were very active. I would try to get the hummingbirds then take a break and use the macro for the flowers and insects, going back to the telephoto lens for the hummingbirds. The grasshopper flew in with the hummingbirds so I quickly changed lenses again. Fortunately, the grasshopper stayed a while and moves a little slower than the hummingbirds.



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