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Photo of the Month - Car Colors

This image created by Bernie Hynes is the winner of the Class A Creative Print Category in the FCCC 3rd TriAnnual. Scoring 58 points out of 60 it is also the highest scoring image in the 3rd TriAnnual itself.

Bernie offers these details in his creation of this image in Photoshop The background is a simple gradient. A single paint bucket was photographed and inserted 21 times, each time being reshaped with the transform tools. The paint color of each bucket was then changed as the original is Terria Brown the same color I am currently painting my house. A new layer was added and the center cut out so as to form a frame. A gradient was applied to the frame so that it would not be a distracting white. This was stroked and a drop shadow added to give the image depth. Three cars were added followed by the paint splashes. The front of the red car was then copied and pasted onto the top layer so as to appear to be coming out of the frame. The paint splashes were created using the technique demonstrated at our Sept club meeting. (Real paint splashes were photographed against a white background and then selected out). Once added the splash colors were changed to match those of the automobiles using the colorize hue and saturation sliders. When finished this composite had more than 30 layers and was a little larger than 350 Megs. Knowing that I was going to have this printed at Sams and that they occasionally crop a bit I left a quarter inch white margin all around the outside edge. Turned out they printed it exactly as you see it.



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