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Previous PSA, FCCC and Glennie Winners

2016 Glennie Results

A simple tutorial on how to resize your images for upload to the FCCC Digital & Print Competitions can be found: Here

FCCC 2017 - Print & Digital Competition Submission Periods

Digital 1st Triannual - March 1, 2017 thru March 31, 2017
Digital 2nd Triannual - June 5, 2017 thru June 30, 2017
Digital 3rd Triannual - Nov. 1, 2017 thru Nov. 30, 2017

Print 1st Triannual - Jan. 16, 2017 thru Jan. 24, 2017
Print 2nd Triannual - May 1, 2017 thru May 20, 2017
Print 3rd Triannual - Sept. 10, 2017 thru Sept. 30, 2017

FCCC 2016 - 3rd Triannual Digital & 2017 1st Triannual Print Competition Results

3rd Triannual Digital Competition Results

Click Here for All P.A.C.C. Digital Scores

Class A Color Results

Mono Lake Store by Victor Krasenics - 16.67 points
Blue Ribbon - Class A Color Digital

Arches National Park Milky Way by Nance Knight
16.33 points Blue Ribbon - Class A Color Digital

Mushrooms Smokey Mountains by Nance Knight
16.00 points Blue Ribbon - Class A Color Digital

Great White Egret by Tom Buckard - 15.33 points
Yellow Ribbon - Class A Color Digital

Mono Results

Exhibition by Brian Grant - 15.67 points
Yellow Ribbon - Mono Digital

Creative Results

No Ribbon Winners

Documentary Results

Rainbow Yoho National Forest by Nance Knight
16.67 points Blue Ribbon - Documentary Digital

Exhibition by Brian Grant - 16 points
Yellow Ribbon - Documentary Digital

Class B Color Results

No Entries

2017 1st Triannual Print Competition Results

Class A Color Results

Mushrooms Smokey Mountains by Nance Knight
17.33 points Blue Ribbon - Creative Print

Class B Color Results

No Entries

Creative Results

No Entries

Documentary Results

No Entries

Mono Results

No Entries

Glennie Memorial Nature Salon 2016 Competition Results

Photo Adventures Camera Club scored a total of 234 points placing us in a 16th place tie (by my math). Ten members submitted 10 images, winning 1 Merit Award and 2 Acceptances. 80 Clubs from 7 countries and 21 states competed.

Whale and Gull by Resty Antonio - 26 points -

Inpirational Solitude by Ted Thelin - 25 points - Acceptance

Banyon Roots by Nikki Goodman - 24 points - Merit Award

Sharing Lunch by Norman Collin - 24 points

Fighting Grackles by Bernie Hynes - 24 points

Bird of Prey by Peter Korkosz - 23 points

Seals by Cindy Cone - 22 points

Let's Dance by Nance Knight - 22 points

Big Catch by John Livernois - 22 points

Hooded Merganser and Crab by Tom Zinneman - 22 points

PSA 2016-2017 Nature Competition Submission Deadlines

Nature Round 1 - October 8, 2016
Nature Round 2 - January 8, 2017
Nature Round 3 - April 8, 2017

More information can be found here: PSA Nature Division Webpage.

PSA Nature Division - Digital Interclub Competition 2016-2017 Contest #2 Results

In the PSA Nature Digital Interclub Competition 2016-2017 2nd Round, PACC came in 9th out of 31 Class A Division clubs competing.

Spear Fishing by Jane McDaniel - 13 points Honorable Mention

Brunch by Bob Marx - 10 points

Sure Footed by Beverly Aker - 9 points

Mushrooms Smoky Mountain by Nance Knight - 9 points

Ant on Coreopsis by Brian Grant - 8 points

Matlacha Park 2 by Gary Trabant - 8 points

PSA Photo Travel Division - Digital Interclub 2014-2015 Contest #3 Results

In the final contest of the PSA Photo Travel Digital Interclub Competition 2014-2015, PACC came in 14th out of 18 Group B Division clubs competing, and finished the year at 10th place.

Old Sturbridge Village by Beverly Aker - 13 points

Marl Pond Dawn by Brian Grant - 10 points

Rose Bud Sioux by Tom Hughes - 10 points

Old Mill by John Livernois - 9 points

Flowerpot Island by Anna Cerrone - 8 points

Day of the Dead Oxaca by Mitch Spence - 7 points

Individual Competition Winners

Congratuations to the following members who received awards from local and on-line photo contests.

2016 Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program Calendar Winners.

Railroad Vine Boca Grande Beach by Carol Edleman

2016 S.W. Florida Calendar Winners.

Sunset Cruise by John Livernois

Vintage Truck by John Livernois

2012 Massachusetts Camera Naturalists (Camnats) International Exhibition Results

In the 2012 Camnats Contest, Tom Zinneman won Best Ornithology and received a CAMNATS Medal (the Gilbert Fernandez Award) for his Needle Fish Biting Osprey. Entries were received from 27 countries. Click Here for complete details and an image gallery of this contest. Additionally, this image won PSA Nature Division Image of the Year for 2012-2013 in Digital Wildlife.

  Needle Fish Biting Osprey by Tom Zinneman - Medal   Best Ornithology (Birds)


Mitch Spence won First Place in Landscapes for the Month of April 2013 on-line at

Showing the Colors by Mitch Spence

Imaging Resource

Mitch Spence won 2nd Place and a Canon Color Printer for March 2013 on-line at Imaging Resource. Taken in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Watch Dog by Mitch Spence

Visual Arts Center of Punta Gorda

Carol MacDougall won 2nd Place and $100 at the Fabulous Photo Show Exhibit at the Visual Arts Center of Punta Gorda on June 6, 2013. Taken at Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island, GA

Embracing the Sea by Carol MacDougall

Fred Stiteler won 3rd Place and $50 at the Fabulous Photo Show Exhibit at the Visual Arts Center of Punta Gorda on June 6, 2013.

Frangipan with Dew by Fred Stiteler

NECCC Annual Convention - Print Division

Dr. Ted Thelin received 28 out of 30 points and won a Blue Ribbon and Judges Choice Honor Award at the NECCC Annual Convention held in Amherst, Massachusetts on July 12-14, 2013.

Palouse Falls by Dr. Ted Thelin

2014 Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography

Shadow Play by Brian Grant - Honors

2014 San Joaquin Valley International

Dark Hedges by Brian Grant - Honors

2014 Scenic Cities International Photography Exhibition

Golden Dawn Webb Lake by Brian Grant - Honors




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