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Next Meeting - Jan. 11th

Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, Jan. 11, 2018 at 7:15 pm.

Our program will be SHOW & TELL, show something or talk about anything relating to photography, followed by providing constructive critiques for members images.

If you have any questions about how to use a particular feature on your camera, bring it to the meeting and we will help you with it. If you have some new gadget relating to photography and would like to show club members, bring it in.

Time permitting, at the conclusion of every regular meeting, a tutorial may be given on some aspect of photography and may include tips on Adobe Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom or FastStone.

Monthly Slideshow Presentations

Following is a list of slideshow presentation suggested topics for the year 2017. 

The presentations will be on the 4th Thursday (2nd meeting) of the month.

A digital projector will be available to show your digital images.  The presentation should last no longer than three to four minutes. 
January Open - followed by a Tutorial
February Open - followed by a Tutorial
March Birds - followed by a Tutorial
April Open - followed by a Tutorial
May Open - followed by a Tutorial
June No Meetings
July No Meetings
August No Meetings
September Open - followed by a Tutorial
October Open - followed by a Tutorial
November Open - followed by a Tutorial
December Open - followed by a Tutorial

Note:  Tutorial signifies instructional presentations by members on topics such as Pro Show Gold, Photoshop etc.



Meeting Location

     Royal Palm Retirement Center
     2500 Aaron Street
     Port Charlotte, FL  33952

It is located at the corner of Aaron St & Harbor Blvd.

Please park in the parking lot to the left of the building on Aaron St. or in the large parking lot across the street.

Enter under the canopy in front of the building. Our room is the LEFT dining room section.

Improve your Photoshop Performance

It is the amount of System Memory (RAM) installed in the computer that greatly determines Photoshop performance.

If your computer runs Windows 10/8/7/Vista 64 bit, (Find out by going to Start - Control Panel - System - System Type: ) Photoshop can take advantge of all additional Memory installed on your computer. 8Gb or more is the amount Photoshop needs to run well.

If you are using Photoshop with Windows XP or Windows 7/Vista 32bit and have 2Gb or less of System Memory, increasing it to 4Gb will also help significantly.

Apple iMac Desktops and MacBook Pro Laptops using Photoshop will also benefit by increasing the System Memory to 8gb or higher.

To determine your current computer memory configuration, expansion capability, click here: Crucial.Com. If you do not know your computer make or model you can use their System Scanner.


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